Design By Zest is set on 3 acres backing on to the Watagan State National Park where there is plenty of room for our dogs to run, play, take a swim in the dam or alternatively just chill around the house.  We strive to produce puppies who have excellent temperaments with a desire to work.  Soundness and health are extremely important to us.  We have owned Border collies for many years.


Our vision is to breed beautiful, correctly structured Border Collie puppies that are happy, have good work ethics to enjoy and excel in sporting/performance activities and to be balanced so their families can enjoy them for years to come.  Our puppies will be raised in the house with Avidog/Puppy Culture enrichment for the first 8/10 weeks of their life, they will be socialised with both children and other dogs.  Our emphasis is on producing quality pups suitable for many sporting disciplines and awesome companions.

 We love our puppies and would love them to be raised as house pets and be part of your family.  Our puppies are from

energetic working line parents and would suit performance homes.  

Future Planned Litter

Zest & Posh are high drive, power plus girls with a beautiful temperaments. They are a lots of fun to train, yet they love their cuddles on the lounge.  Zest & Posh are beautifully balanced and sound in structure, well muscled, clever, happy and loyal with a sweet personalities and temperament.  Zest & Posh are fast and fun agility partner.


Zest is the first Border Collie in Australia & New South Wales to earn the

Title of Working Pack Dog (WPD)  

128 Kilometers of forrest walk over 4 days carrying 30% of her body weight.


If you are interested in our puppies contact Suzie for more information -
Next Planned litter will be from Posh (Design By Zest Prada is Posh) from an AI with imported frozen semen from USA this litter will be towards the end of September 2021. All puppies will be sold on limited register unless otherwise agreed upon with papers from Dogs NSW, please contact us to join the waiting list.
Health Screening
We place great importance on utilising the range of DNA genetic testing currently available to breeders.  Zest & Posh are DNA tested for hereditary conditions, this ensures that no puppy breed by us can be affected by these diseases.
All stud dog will also be DNA tested.    ZEST Hip X-rays :  0:0     ELBOWS:   0:0
Posh has recently had all her DNA tests for hereditary conditions and Hips X-rays:  2:2  ELBOWS:  0:0
(Breed average is 7.5) so an awesome result.

Breeding Stunning Border Collies - our passion 

 Baby Posh at 7 months :)

Zest and her dad Fix.

Posh, Bu, Remy, Chance & Caddy


Posh 18 months